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Gloucestershire County Council are one of the Partners of the GCPA.

The GCPA is the main consultative body for the local authority on all social care matters.

Below is information that GCC wish to share with our members:

Gloucestershire County Council Market Position Statement

Gloucestershire County Council Mental Capacity Information

Gloucestershire County Council Care Act & Safeguarding Factsheet

Gloucestershire County Council Safeguarding Information

Gloucestershire County Council Keeping Well in Winter Information

Gloucestershire County Council The Dementia Training & Education Strategy

Dementia Training Pathway

5 Step Approach Booklet

5 Step Approach Appendices

Enriched Care Planning Form

Gathering Information Checklist

RAG Chart

Please click here for the Multi-agency Training Website and click here to view the latest training calendar

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Hand It Back – Equipment Returns (#Handitback)

In Gloucestershire we have a campaign to get any equipment with a GIS Barcode that is unused returned so that it can be recycled to help someone else. Click here to view a video about the equipment pathway in Gloucestershire.

The Gloucestershire Community Equipment Service (CES) loans equipment to individuals following an assessment of their needs by a health or social care professional. Examples of the types of equipment CES loans out are mobility aids, toileting and bathing equipment, mattresses and beds and general aids to daily living.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the service is getting the loaned equipment back from users when they no longer need it. When equipment is returned to the logistics provider GIS Healthcare it is professionally cleaned and refurbished (where possible), meaning that expensive new equipment can be recycled and creates efficiencies and savings in the equipment pathway. This then means that this funding can be invested in other projects to improve the service provided to people in Gloucestershire.

There are examples of some equipment, such as bed pans and sock aids, which cannot be returned and recylced. Full details of what and how equipment can be returned is available on the CES website. Gloucestershire Community Equipment Website

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This page gives information about Gloucestershire Care Services

Care Home Support Team: Website

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Registered Managers Network

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