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Click here to access the Winter Plan 2020

Click here to access the Social Care Taskforce Report & Information – September 2020

As part of the Government’s commitment to assist Care Homes through the winter, the Dept of Health & Social Care are making available up to 11,000 iPads for care homes through NHSX.

All the information, including the application form can be found here:

A letter underlining the offer can be downloaded here: FV NHSX 200920 Letter to LAs re iPads

You can download the following documents to assist with the Learning Disability Pre Health Checks:

Pre Health Check Questionnaire – Editable – Easy Read

Pre Health Check Questionnaire – Plain English


It is with great sadness that we have to inform you that Natalie Bonner of Magnolia House lost her battle with cancer yesterday.

Natalie devoted her working life to health and social care, having
first trained as a nurse and then spent decades of service within social care. Natalie had taken over at Magnolia House two years ago and became a firm favourite with her staff and residents. Even in the last few months, keeping a close eye on the home whilst continuing her own fight.

With a permanent smile on her face, Natalie would light up a room when she entered and always looked at life with optimism and positivity. Never one to shy away from difficulties, Natalie gave sound advice and served as a member of the GCPA for the last three years.

Natalie and her guidance, warmth and friendship will be sorely missed by the GCPA board. As the original recipient of the GCPA Aspiring Manager award four years ago, her inspiring story will forever endure as her legacy.

I personally met Natalie on my first day at GCPA; she was warm and friendly and certainly gave me courage and the knowledge to fulfil the role and helped whenever I had any queries. Natalie was one to turn to at any time, whether due to fear or to laughter, Natalie always knew exactly what to say and do.

Colleagues from GCC Brenda Yearwood said “I think all of the team who worked with Natalie over the years will miss her compassion, professionalism and very human approach.”

Angela Mew added: “Natalie will be greatly missed I always found her to be open and welcoming, she was a person who put the people she cared for and those she worked with at the centre of her thinking. Gloucestershire’s independent care market will be the poorer for her lose.”

We will celebrate Natalie’s life at a future date but she will remain in our thoughts now and forever.

Sleep well our beautiful friend.

x X x

Della, Riki & Suzanne

GCPA Management Team

Here you can find information on the management of staff and exposed patients or residents in health and social care settings:

Click here to go to the government guidance


Care Homes Guidance:

Care Homes_guidance_England – 28 September 2020




Home Care Guidance:

Domiciliary_guidance_England – 29 September 2020



Following the announcement by Rt. Hon. Matt Hancock below is the grant circular and the Minister for Care Letter in relation to the additional £600m grant

Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund – Letter from Minister for Care

Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund – Grant Circular

One Gloucestershire have produced the video below to assist in gaining support for mental health issues:

Please find below the link to access the Department of Health & Social Care COVID-19 Action Plan:

COVID-19: Our Action Plan for Adult Social Care

Click below for support for digital social care, including access to NHSmail:

Digital Social Care Helpline Announcement

Please click below to download the COVID-19 Reclaim Form. This form should only be completed for any additional expenditure directly relating to COVID-19 costs that you as a provider have incurred.

COVID-19 Reclaim Form

Once completed, please return to your contract monitoring officer at Gloucestershire County Council, who will forward it to the relevant finance department. Evidence will be required, please attach any evidence of expenditure directly relating to COVID-19 to your form within your email. Please expect some discussion if necessary to honour the governments requirements.

Please note that you are not able to use this to increase your base rate in either £ per hour or £ per bed. Base rate negotiations are on an annual basis through the global uplift fee negotiation.


You can access the Guidance for the public on the mental health and wellbeing aspects of coronavirus (COVID-19) here:

Click here for the Government PPE Strategy (September 2020)

Latest PPE Guidance for domiciliary care (July 2020): Domiciliary_guidance_v4_20_Jul

Latest PPE Guidance for care homes (July 2020): How_to_work_safely_in_care_homes_v5_20_July

Disposal of defunct masks: Cardinal-Type-IIR-Face-Masks-ICA-FINAL-CLEARED

This guidance outlines the infection prevention and control advice for health and social care providers involved in receiving, assessing and caring for patients who are a possible or confirmed case of COVID-19. It should be used in conjunction with this local policy (updated 12 June 2020):

LA PPE Guidance for Staff Issue 5 V45 11.6.20 FINAL

On 2 April 2020, the main changes to previous guidance are:

  1. enhanced PPE recommendations for a wide range of health and social care contexts
  2. inclusion of individual and organisational risk assessment at local level to inform PPE use
  3. recommendation of single sessional (extended) use of some PPE items
  4. re-usable PPE can be used. Advice on suitable decontamination arrangements should be obtained from the manufacturer, supplier or local infection control
  5. guidance for when case status is unknown and SARS-CoV-2 is circulating at high levels
  6. recommendation on patient use of facemasks

The guidance is issued jointly by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), Public Health Wales (PHW), Public Health Agency (PHA) Northern Ireland, Health Protection Scotland (HPS), Public Health England and NHS England as official guidance.

Whilst this guidance seeks to ensure a consistent and resilient UK wide approach, some differences in operational details and organisational responsibilities may apply in Northern Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland.

Refer to personal protective equipment use for aerosol generating procedures

Refer to personal protective equipment use for non-aerosol generating procedures

Updated Guidance on PPE 2 April 2020

Recommended PPE for primary outpatient and community care by setting poster

Recommended PPE for Sustained Transmission for all settings poster

COVID-19 easy visual guide to PPE poster

Routine decontamination of reusable noninvasive equipment

Best Practice hand wash poster


Below are links to queries that GCPA are receiving in regards to PPE (correct as of 29 March 2020):

Infection Prevention and Control Guidance for pandemic coronavirus

When to use a face mask or FFP3

Putting on PPE for Non-Aerosol Generating Procedures quick guide

Taking off PPE for Non-Aerosol Generating Procedures – quick guide

View this video for demonstration:


To order PPE from National Disruption Service following the instructions below:

NHS Supply Chain is introducing 2 PPE fulfilment pathways as follows:

  1. Main Acute Trusts will have palletised deliveries from Tuesday 31 March
  2. Community customers (GP Practices, Community Pharmacies, Care Homes, Hospices etc) will have access to an e-commerce solution and should register on this portal once developed for PPE supplies.  All stock will be delivered by the Royal Mail from 6 April in the meantime urgent order requirements should be flagged via National Supply Disruption Response team (NSDR).  The NSDR team can issue customers with a prepacked kit of PPE (100 gloves, masks, aprons etc)

NOTE: Customers requesting pre-packed emergency PPE kits must be able to receive packs even outside of normal business hours

NSDR contact information is as follows:

For all non-NHS Supply Chain customers (primary care, adult social care, dental urgent care, others) the route after exhausting normal supply routes is via:

Please see the documents below in respect of potential fraud attempts targeting the care sector and local authorities. This one deals with a scam supplier of PPE which works on the premise that to get the good price you need to act quickly:

PPE Supplier Fraud

This one deals with common frauds that are being seen within the care sector and provides counter fraud guidance:

COVID19 Care Sector Counter Fraud Guidance

Below is the Key Worker Status Letter from the Integrated Care System for your staff to use to enable them to continue their important roles and gain access to supermarkets and pharmacies. Please download and print for your staff. Please note that they will need some form of ID, please review the letter.

Key Worker Status Letter


To assist you in gaining access to food, groceries and medications GCPA have written an open letter to supermarkets and pharmacies within Gloucestershire. Please feel free to download and print for your staff to show alongside their ID:

Open letter to Gloucestershire supermarkets & Pharmacies

Below is the Clap for Care Staff poster for 8pm on Thursday 26th March 2020:

Please right click to save image.

If you or someone you are supporting is in need of assistance during this time, please use the GCC Community Hub.

Click here to download: GCC COVID-19 Community Help Hub Poster